MP3 Sale's 50% Discount is almost over!

MP3 Sale have been running this 50% discount on their albums for a while now, and it's unfortunately coming to an end.

MP3 Sale have been giving their albums to customers with a 50% discount on the price, making very few albums on the site cost more than €1.00. Nearly all the albums are currently priced between €0.20 and €0.80, with a few albums either side of that price bracket. It all depends on the number of tracks on the album. The more tracks there are, the higher the price.

This offer is due to end on the 30th June however, so make sure you don't miss out and get as much as you can from the site before they stop the offer next week.


50% Album Discount still running

50% OfferAs always with MP3 Sale, offers are unpredictable. They can last for days, they can last for years. And their latest offer is no exception.

MP3 Sale have been offering 50% off all album prices for a while now, making albums very cheap. So cheap in fact, you'd be hard pushed to find an album for more than $1 on the site.

Track prices remain at €0.10 each though,so if you're buying half an album, you can get the whole thing for the same price, if not cheaper, so do check your options and work out the cost before you download anything.

Get over to MP3 Sale now for a great offer before it runs out.

MP3 Sale now offering Monthly Subscription

MP3Sale LogoMP3 Sale have always had a great cheap price on mp3s, but they now have a monthly subscription service which you can join. You have two choices of subscription:

For €20 a month, you can download up to 500 songs in that month

For €50 a month, you can download up to 1500 songs in that month

If you do not use all your downloads in a month, you loose them. So new months always start with either 500 or 1500 downloads, depending on which option you chose.

So if you love downloading music, this is the site for you! Of course, if you don't want a monthly commitment, MP3 Sale still offer their usual top up service where you add money and it only decreases when you buy tracks and it does not expire.

Get over to MP3 Sale now to make the most of their monthly service.

50% Discount on MP3 Albums

MP3 Sale are giving customers 50% off all albums on their site, so you're going to have to search hard on the site to find an album that is priced at more than $1!

This discount could last for a few weeks, or a few hours, so if you want some cheap mp3 albums, get over to MP3 Sale now and take advantage of this great offer while you still can.

Tracks remain at €0.10, so it might work out cheaper for you to buy an entire album in some cases than it would to but a few tracks.

Head over to MP3 Sale now for this great deal and get yourself some brand new cheap mp3s.

Top Up Offers

MP3 Sale are always offering their new customers offers when they first top up (see previous posts for more details), but their generosity doesn't stop there. If you are refilling your balance, MP3 Sale have some good offers for that too.

To refill, go to 'add to balance' in your MP3 Sale account area at the top of the site under the menu. There, you are given various payment options. The first three are credit card, but they do have different offers. This can be pretty confusing, so I've made this post to hopefully clear it up for you.

The balance screen looks like this:

MP3Sale Offer

Option One:

'One month limited subscription.

Pay 20 EUR with VISA, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro or PayPal and get 500 downloads for 1 month.

Pay 50 EUR with VISA, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro or PayPal and get 1500 downloads for 1 month.'

will give you free downloads for one month, depending of course, on the amount topped up.

Option Two:

'Pay with cards VISA, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro.'

gives you €10.00 free when you top up €29.95 and €50.00 free when you top up €49.95.

Option Three:

'Pay with cards VISA, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro.'

gives you €10.00 free when you top up €30.00, €50.00 free when you top up €50.00 and €50.00 free when you top up €100.00.

So although they may all look the same, the offers vary a little bit. Option three isn't a typing error, you get €50.00 free for topping up €50.00 & €100.00. So if you're really cheeky and want more bonuses and are willing to top up $100.00, do it in two transactions of $50.00 to get a €100.00 bonus rather than just €50.00.

Head over to MP3 Sale now to grab a great offer on their cheap mp3s.