New Offer

Wednesday Bonus

MP3Sale's last offer was on for a while, so they've freshened up the site a bit with a new offer for us. And this is their best yet!

So what do you get, when and how?

The offer applies every Wednesday, and you get free credit when you top up. And it's a lot more free credit than usual! So here's what you get on the site:

Top up €30.00 and they will give you €30.00, making your balance €60.00

Top up €50.00 and they will give you €70.00, making your balance €120.00

Top up €75.00 and they will give you €150.00, making your balance €225.00

Head over to MP3Sale now to grab this great deal before the end of the day.

Loads of Charts at MP3 Sale

MP3 Sale offer us loads of music to download, which is just dandy! Not forgetting that songs are only €0.10 each too and they offer over 2,618,560 to download!

All round, a fab site to get your music from. One extra feature is their charts. They offer:

USA Top 100, UK Top 75 and German Top 50. After clicking 'full list', you will see that they also offer some other charts, Canada Top 100, Indie Top 200, European Top 100, France Top 50, Italy Top 50 & their Bestsellers.

Head over to MP3 Sale now to grab some chart music.


Join in the discussions

MP3 Sale have got a great site anyway, but something that makes them stand out from the rest if their 'Discussion' section on each artist page on the site. It's right at the very bottom, past all the albums and singles of an artist. Anyone can comment and leave messages.

This makes the site a lot more user friendly, and I love it! Get over to MP3 Sale now to comment about your favourite artists.


Get ALL Michael Jackson albums for FREE

As a tribute to the late singer, Michael Jackson, who tragically died earlier this month, MP3 Sale are offering all of his albums on their site for FREE.

This offer is only available to people that are registered with MP3 Sale and have money on their account, so if you want to take advantage of this, you need to go to MP3 Sale, register, which is free to do and add money to your account. The minimum payment is €19.95, which can be used on the site to download any music you like.

Get over to MP3 Sale now for this great deal!

MJ Promo

Last Day for 50% discount on albums

MP3Sale LogoMP3 Sale is ending the 50% discount offer today, so get over to the site now to make the most of this offer.

All albums are half price, so you can get some really good deals. Make sure you do it before the end of the day though, tomorrow is bringing a new offer! Go to MP3 Sale now.